Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising campaign held on the last Friday of May every year and  allows you to contribute to a cause close to your heart. JISS has been a beneficiary of this campaign since 2014. Support from schools, business and the community has been growing year on year.

There are 5 different stickers, each representing a beneficiary sector. Depending on where your heart lies, you can choose which of the 5 sectors you would like to support when buying your sticker/s (and YES, you may choose more than one) Animals, Bring Hope , Children, Disability or Education.

On Tekkie Tax day, you wear the big sticker on your lapel and put the small one on your cell phone to stay there for the rest of the year. Whatever your outfit is for the day, wear your tekkies!

You can even spiff up your tekkies by getting a pair of our funky shoelaces called “Tekkie Tags”