1.Child protection services / Statutory work
2.Prevention services

Social work services are delivered from the child and family care units situated at the JISS Centre in Mayfair and the JISWA Centre in Lenasia. The team comprises of a Social Work Manager, seven Social Workers and two Social Auxiliary Workers, enthusiastic administrative support staff, 10 trained volunteers and 10 dedicated students.

JISS is the primary NGO in Mayfair and Lenasia dealing with child neglect, child abuse and family problems affecting children. Individual social workers carry an enormous responsibility in assessing children at risk, family preservation and determining the best interest of children in terms of the Children’s Act before statutory intervention. Intrinsic to the social work profession is regular debriefing and supervision.

The following is provided in the child protection and family care basket of services:

• Risk assessment of children in need of care and protection;
• Child Placement Services in temporary safe care, foster care and Children’s Homes;
• Foster care screening, placement and supervision;
• Family Reunification Services;
• Referral with regard to the application for identity documents and social grants.