The Kinga Watoto volunteer programme focuses on the empowerment of community-based volunteers to go door to door to identify and provide services to vulnerable children and their families. Volunteers are empowered through the provision of individual supervision, weekly group supervision and monthly in-service training to protect children from neglect, abuse and trafficking. Volunteers promote JISS’ services, educate the community on their rights and facilitate access to social work services and community resources.

The aim of this project is to identify children in need of care and protection in the communities that we serve. These volunteers interview approximately one hundred families monthly. They receive training and mentoring as part of their personal empowerment.

One of the volunteers who was a foster child under this organisation’s supervision graduated as a Social Auxiliary worker in October 2016. Another volunteer who was a part of this programme was accepted at the University of Johannesburg in 2017 to do a B. Comm and Human Resources degree. One of the social workers guided and assisted her in her application to the university