In-Service Training
CPD points

It is mandatory for all practising social workers and social auxiliary workers to be registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professionals (SACSSP). In addition to an annual fee professionals are required to attend accredited training to accumulate 20 CPD points per annum in order to retain registration with the SACSSP.

JISS has successfully registered its in-service training for social workers and social auxiliary workers with the SACSSP(South African Council for Social Service Professionals) to ensure that staff complies with regulations at no personal cost and minimal cost to the organisation. The creation of staff development opportunities and empowerment of all staff members continues to remain a priority.

We believe that our staff are our greatest asset. We see self-care and staff wellness as an important role of management in this demanding field of child protection work. We, therefore, focus on the emotional and mental health of staff in dealing with their daily challenges through:

• Individual supervision and debriefing
• Group supervision
• Case conferences
• In-service training
• Peer review employee of the month
• Quarterly staff wellness events

Approximately 20 social work, social auxiliary work, psychology and communications students are supervised and trained at JISS during their internship.

One of our SACAP students wrote the following: “Albeit being pushed into the deep end, I was able to appreciate that I was in the field to help my clients, and could remain steadfast by not breaking down after what had been shared with me. I believe that the guidance I received from the supervisors made it possible for me to see myself grow as I worked with clients. My experience at JISS has given me immense satisfaction as I saw my clients grow towards living a healthier, positive lifestyle.”

We cannot underestimate the valuable assistance that we are receiving from student interns placed at our organisation by different institutions.

We are proud to announce that all our South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) students received distinctions for their practical work component. SACAP has agreed to provide JISS with four B. Psychology final year students on an annual basis. This agreement will ensure stability for the children in our care as well as expertise and commitment in more advanced counselling sessions. SACAP offered a bursary to one of our Social Workers to do a Post-Graduate diploma with them in Coaching and Mentorship.

Lethukukhanya College has offered three of our current foster children fully paid bursaries in appreciation of JISS for accommodating their students for the past three years.

Staff Wellness Day

Success Stories

Mr. Sazi Mngweba and Ms. Ennocent Nkanyani, both recipients of the JISS/SANZAF Bursary Fund and graduates of UNISA are currently employed as social workers at JISS.

Career pathing is evident in the progression of Ms. V. Thandray from receptionist to qualified social auxiliary worker to coordinator of the JISWA Profound Unit;

Another success story that we are proud of is Pule Rampa’s appointment from social auxiliary work student at JISS to secretary at the JISWA Centre in Lenasia; and

Catherine Mafulako’s growth and development from domestic worker at the Lenasia office to Social auxiliary worker at the Mayfair office.