Group work

The aim of group work is to get people with common problems in a group to discuss their shared challenges in life. This is always the best way to assist them in solving their own problems and drawing from others’ experiences and not feeling that they alone experience these challenges.

The following groups are hosted by JISS social workers:

  • Behaviour modification groups
  • Life skills groups
  • Parenting skills groups
  • Foster parent support group
  • Mamma Zamma group work model developed by Tshwane Child Welfare to teach mothers and child minders/carers to bond with young children and to teach the mothers how to stimulate the toddlers and to teach mothers parenting skills focusing on mothers who cannot afford creches or playschools.
  • Support group for children growing up without a father figure. The success of the first group for children with absent fathers resulted in the formation of a second group. This is a clear indication that the need to address children who are growing up without a father figure in the house is very high in the communities that we serve.
  • Anger Management Group.